We are an offshore software development company from India specializing in web and mobile application development services. Affordable, high quality and efficient IT solutions is our specialty.

Consulting services

Consulting includes architecting, technology selection and business consulting.

Development services

We development PHP applications and mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows OS

Implementation services

We offer SharePoint and open source (CRM, ERP, CMS, MIS, KM, DMS) implementation services

Customization services

We offer open source application customization services for CRM, ERP, CMS, MIS, KM and DMS


Logiccoding is a leading and trusted offshore software development company with global clientele. We offer full spectrum of IT services including consulting, development, implementation and customization. Our software software solutions are targeted for startups, SMBs, enterprises and ISVs bringing them best from the IT world for assured business growth.

Our web development services make use of PHP, Java and .NET technology for high quality software solutions. Mobile application development services are offered using native, web and cross-platform development frameworks. These mobile applications are focused on iOS, Android and Windows operating system.

We always strive to deliver best possible software solutions to our customers. Their satisfaction is the best reward for us.

Latest from blog

Why use a framework for PHP application?

With passing time PHP development has become complex. The journey of PHP, which has started from developing lightweight applications, today have reached a point where applications are built which are receiving millions of hits per month. It is obvious then to have structured development approach for successful completion of these complex web projects. It has now become the must-have skill for a PHP web developer.

Why use a CMS for website?

Marketers are always on look out for touchpoints to connect with their audience. Website can be a very good tool to connect with them as it is available 24×7 and can be accessed anywhere by anybody who just have access to internet. However, with advent of internet technology marketers wants a website which will act as an interactive touchpoint to engage its visitors.

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